Owners Name:
Geoff and Sherry
Bus Name:
None at this time
RTS Type: 82 RTS II
Length: 40 feet
Engine Type: 6V92TA 350HP
Transmission Type: V730
Gear Ratio: 4.10
Original Owner: Golden Gate Transit #1012
New Home: Northern CA
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Before painting
Before painting
130 amp 12v truck alternator on Flxible alt/AC mounting bracket
Leveling valves
Welded new steps with some scrap metal
Added 2ea 4" channel iron in front of wheel tub to bolt passenger chair onto.
Styrofoam and foil backed insulation
Welded 1 in sq tubing in 5x5 ft sections to make room for AC ducts, braces added on sides for wiring and lights. Ducts insulated
Collar makes connection to duct-- used foam insulation tape after picture taken to insulate collar, duct insulation used on duct
Flat ceiling 5'x5' sections
Ozite ceiling
Rear Cabinet & Ceiling
Fresh Water & Storage
Oak Frame for Queen Air Bed
Formica Flooring
36" Neo-Angle Shower
Long Shot of Interior
Forward Bay
Former Fuel Tank Bay
Fuel Tank Now In Air Tank Bay
Rear Step Area Stripped
Was rear steps/chairlift before removal of SS cover and air dryer; moved brake relays, and trimed metal to fit tanks
3 each 40 gallon holding tanks. This gives me 80 gallons grey and 40 gallons black, and they fit like a glove!
Same 3 tanks all plumbed and with level sensors
Dump pipe for use on both sides of bus
Battery Bay Pic #1
Battery Bay Pic #2
Webasto and fresh water inlet
Webasto and propane tank
Marine shower sump pump & lines
Power center
LCD TV Mounted above dash
Bottom view of LCD TV

7kW Isuzu Diesel Genset. Enclosed genset in sound box with remote radiator, box vented by electric fan that also cools radiator
Genset in Soundbox with door closed
Rear Louver Swings up to Open
RTS insert 1 curbside
RTS insert 2 streetside

Parked in driveway
Checking in at Laughlin Bus Convention
Caverns Inn near Phoenix AZ
Rest Stop I-5 Central CA